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Inter Stellar Kredites

Making a name for oneself in the EVE Galaxy can be achieved in many different ways, and using many different play styles, but the choice is ultimately down to you. EVE is a very open-ended game, where levels matter less than know-how, and quests less than goals. Setting these goals can be a difficult thing initially, however, and so it can help to pick an occupation.

These occupations are not similar to traditional MMO 'Classes', and there is nothing stopping you from hopping from one to another in the space of a single evening. There is only one 'Class' in EVE - Pilot, known officially as a Capsuleer. Saying all that, it helps to have a way to earn a living...

There are two ways we can look at the occupations: specializations and professions. They overlap to a significant degree, but as a rule of thumb you can treat professions as subcategories of a certain specialization. For example, pirates, mercenaries and bounty hunters are different professions but are all members of the PvP specialization; together with a mission runner that in turn will be part of the combat specialization.



Player vs. Player (PvP)
Player vs. Environment (PvE)
Non-combat (sometimes referred to in a derogatory way as 'carebearing')
Production aka Manufacturing

Source(s): Game solutions


Specialization: Combat or non-combat
Level: Each profession is described by level. Beginner means you can try this as a newbie (with the disclaimer that experienced player doing the same thing will do it better; no real suprise there, we hope). Intermediate means you will need to spend few weeks - a month or more - training some required skills and gaining experience with EVE universe before you should (or can) try this. Advanced means a few months are probably needed before you can start tinkering with that profession. Do note, again, that it may take years to master some of them.
Related to: Key concepts in the game
Key skills: Required for basic ativities in this profession
Related professions: This profession will often be mixed with those, or character of this profession wil often interact with those
Detailed profession guide: If we have none - please write it!

Unlike some other MMORPGs that lock you into a particular skill progression from the moment you create your character, in EVE your character can potentially have any skill in the game at its maximum level. However, a jack-of-all-trades is truly a master of none in EVE -- in order to compete effectively with other players you must specialize in one or a few professions, or groups of related skills. As aforementioned, professions are major concentrations of skills and skill points. This is roughly analogous to the notion of a character class in other MMORPGs, but there are no hard coded restrictions, you can do all with any character - but learning anything takes time, and mastering it even more.

Your choices during the character creation process determine how your character will be specialized when you start the game. Though nothing is stopping you from switching professions, it is often better to first choose your profession and create your character around that profession. The Character Creation Guide has some sample character creation templates that are pre-specialized for certain professions.

Do note that many players have additional characters (alts) created to fill one or more of those professions. Some players like to have many specialized alts on several accounts; others go for the 'jack-of-all-trades' route.

See Occupations:The n00b, Occupations:The Freelancer, Guide:Getting Started


Specialization: Non-combat
Level: Intermediate
Related to: Exploration, COSMOS
Key skills: Archeology
Related professions: Hacker, Scout
Detailed profession guide: Occupations:The Archaeologist

The skills in this concentration are used exclusively in COSMOS constellations to open certain containers and get mission-specific information. It's not a commonly sought-after occupation, and may not be the best idea if you're looking to make a lot of money.


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Specialization: Combat
Level: Beginner possible but intermediate to advanced highly recommended.
Related to: Pirates. PvP
Key skills: all combat related, PvP specialization
Related professions: Bounty Hunter, Pirate
Detailed profession guide: Occupations:The Bounty Hunter

Some Anti-Pirates consider themselves driven by ideology, not bounties. In any case, for all practical intents and purposes, see Bounty Hunter profession.

The Anti-Pirate Profession bears enormous risks. Why is doing the right thing always so damn difficult? Why is it that so few of us find the courage to fight for the unpunished injustices of our universe? Should I fail at my task, the tragedy will not be in my own death, but in the fact that my prey will continue to live out their wretched, despicable existence.

“It is said that cowardice lurks behind power; that every tyrant fears the day when others learn where the source of real power lies. What better way for a tyrant to hide that truth than by claiming absolute authority and threatening absolute ruin to those who question them!"

The art of war is a matter of life and death, a road either to safety or to ruin. Hence it is a subject of inquiry which can on no account be neglected.

"I have high hopes of smashing my name into history so violently that it will take a legendary form, even if all the books are destroyed. That goal, is the real goal as far as I am concerned." ...Geminisceptre

Known to many as the self-proclaimed vigilante police force of the Eve Universe, the Anti-Pirate roams the stars seeking to eradicate piracy. Many who enlist in the "Anti-Pie" profession are called to it like a moth to the flame. Just as in the old days of our ancient past, there must be cowboys to battle Indians. The anti-pirate profession is perhaps one of the hardest of the Eve Universe. There are no medals, no recognition, and death is a common result. Unlike Bounty Hunters, Anti-Pies are uninterested in monetary gain. Their satisfaction lies in the knowledge that they have made the galaxy safer for the innocent.


  • The pirate is the common enemy,
  • The pirate is the one who fires first,
  • Upon firing first, the pirate will be regarded a threat to all joint parties of the Antipiracy Code.
  • Antipirates bound by the code are to only open fire first when the following take place:
    1. Assets are legally stolen by use of cargo container.
    2. War has been declared and status of war displays "Can Fight".
    3. Someone has fired first on a fellow pilot and marked himself global criminal.
    4. Someone has repeatedly engaged in criminal acts to the point of dropping their security status to below a -5.0.

Under no other circumstances are you or any fellow friends of you to go against these terms.

  • Due to unsafety of cargo containers, losses taken which involve the use of a cargo container
    will not be aided in replacing by corp funds (CEOs and CoCEOs may make exception to this ONLY).
  • A fellow Gang member, Corp member, or NAP member that engages in criminal activity and thus
    going against the code, will be regarded a foe to everyone.
  • Once criminal, punishments will occure in which the "minimal" asked of you will be to
    replace the loss you inflicted and/or the ships you destroyed of theirs.
  • Claimed to be antipirates with a security status below -5.0 are not to be regarded friendly
    in any way and are not to take part in any antipiracy duty UNTIL his security status is at least -4.9 or higher.
  • No one is classified as an automatic "pirate" unless security is lower than -5.0. However, that doesn't mean you can't keep an eye on them.


Bounty Hunter

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Specialization: Combat
Level: Beginner possible but intermediate to advanced highly recommended.
Related to: Pirates. PvP
Key skills: all combat related, PvP specialization
Related professions: Anti-Pirate, Pirate
Detailed profession guide: Occupations:The Bounty Hunter

Bounty hunters hunt down and kill other players that have bounties on their heads. For an ideaological version of this profession, see Anti-Pirate.

A locator agent that can help locate the targets is useful; bounty office on stations is another useful tool.

Nonetheless most bounty hunters agree that its hard to make any living out of bounties, and instead of seeking specific individuals they roam the same low-sec systems as their prey.

This profession requires very good PvP combat skills as the people being hunted are mostly pirates that have good knowledge of PvP and how to evade people who are after the bounties on them. That said, some bounty corps recruit newbies and train them on 'no implants/cheap frig/no named modules' policy. Expect to die. Often. Although that holds true even for experienced PvPers, too :)


Specialization: In between
Level: Intermediate to advanced recommended
Related to: Bookmarks
Key skills:  ?
Related professions: Scout
Detailed profession guide: none

Specializing in creating instas and other bookmarks, a Cartographer is a time-consuming career, but one requiring little skills (although a knowledge of what to bookmark, and thus, knowledge of how the game is played, is much needed).

The Dragon Patch has made a Cartographer's career even more time consuming because they are now only able to copy 5 bookmarks at a time. This occupation has been made much less relevant in Revelations which eliminated instas, although making safe spots and other bookmarks, and selling them (or giving free to corp/alliance members) is still useful.


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Specialization: Non-combat
Level: Beginner
Related to: Courier missions, Mining, Trade
Key skills: Spaceship Command, Navigation
Related professions: Miner, Trader
Detailed profession guide: Hauling Guide

Transport trade goods or other items of interest (modules, minerals, etc.) from one section of the galaxy to another in search of profit.

A bulk courier is known as a hauler. Though a character can specialize in piloting Industrial Ships, you will likely want basic hauling skills at some point in your career. For more information, see the basic section of the Hauling Guide.

Note that some couriers specialize in transporting small expensive items; those will often employ frigates or interceptors instead of industrials.


See Scout.


Specialization: Non-combat
Level: Intermediate
Related to: Exploration, COSMOS
Key skills: Hacking
Related professions: Archaeologist, Scout
Detailed profession guide: Occupations:The Hacker

The skills in this concentration are used exclusively in COSMOS constellations to open certain containers and get mission-specific information.

Installation Owner

Specialization: Non-combat
Level: Intermediate
Related to: Exploration, COSMOS
Key skills: Anchoring
Related professions: Manager, Investor
Detailed profession guide: none

The owner/manager of a Player Owned Station (POS) that manages docking fees and who is allowed to make use of the installation. In high-sec and low-sec, POSes offer additional research venues for often packed NPC stations. In 0.0, there are very few NPC stations and POSes play an important role in alliance warfare.


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Specialization: Combat
Level: Intermediate to advanced
Related to: PvP, Gang, Fleets,
Key skills: Leadership
Related professions: all combat
Detailed profession guide: none

Gangs in Revelations will be demanding the new skills of Charisma based players. Are you ready for command?

  • Starting Out: Your starting skills greatly influence how quickly you can become useful in leadership. Train learning skills first as leadership will require training many skills. Meanwhile, look for a corporation that conducts organized operations in the field of interest to you (mining or combat).
  • Income: Income in leadership comes from your skills. A player in a command ship bristling with warfare links is limited in the ability to actually shoot or mine but can greatly increase the productivity of the gang, making them worth a share of the profits.
  • Development: Improve whatever logistical or anti-rat capacities you can add to your command ship without detracting from your primary mission. Mining leaders should become familiar with timecard management for the gang (this is a real pencil and paper skill, not something your character can train); a leader who can both boost the yield AND do the brain work of divvying up the take is worth an equal cut.
  • Pros: Competent leaders with the equipment and skills for the job are uncommon; high value to mining corps due to the tangible improvements to yields.
  • Cons: Skill intensive field with no advantages for soloing. High initial investment in equipment with little return except in mining.


Specialization: Non-combat
Level: Intermediate to advanced
Related to: Economy of EVE
Key skills: Trade
Related professions: Trader, Installation Owner, Manager
Detailed profession guide: none

Money makes money. Invest, sponsor, employ. Through not all realize it, there is a finance market in EVE, and players who consider playing on the "financial PvP". If stock market is your game, this is a profession to consider. Be warned that billions of isks are required to be a serious players, and investors who cannot invest at least 100m into a projects will find little to do. For more info, check "Market Discussions" official EVE subforum.


Specialization: Non-combat
Level: Intermediate to advanced
Related to: Corporations
Key skills: Corporation Management
Related professions: Investor, Investor
Detailed profession guide: Occupations:The CEO

The skills in this concentration are used for creating and running corporations in EVE.


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Specialization: Non-combat
Level: Intermediate to advanced
Related to: Manufacturing, Science And Industry
Key skills: Industry, Science
Related professions: Scientist, Investor
Detailed profession guide: none

With the galaxy such a turbulent place, and more and more new pilots entering the Capsuleer community, the demand for space-based manufactured items is ever increasing, from a single scout drone, up to the largest Titans and Outposts, manufacturing is everywhere.

Day to day manufacturing of smaller objects, ammunition, ship modules and smaller ships, largely takes place in starbase factory slots, on short-term lease arrangements. Capital and permanent structures on the other hand tend to be constructed in space, using the facilities provided by POS Towers. Manufacturers work with both these methods, and are often also responsible for the underlying supply chain of raw materials too, and the distribution of finished product.

Many combat pilots with no primary interest in large-scale manufacturing still learn the basics of the process, to allow a degree of self-sufficiency in small-scale ammunition resupply from reprocessed loot, or to channel reprocessed junk-loot into one-run BPC 'hobby project' Battleships for resale.


  • Starting Out: Obtain an affordable, preferably researched, Blueprint (copy or original), find an available factory slot using the starbase menus, and determine a list of ingredients required for the job's run. Gather these materials at the starbase and use the factory menu and set the job running.
  • Income: Sale of manufactured equipment and ships, less the cost of the materials and blueprint.
  • Development Tips: The various Industry skills will all help reduce time-to-build, wasted materials and the ability to run multiple jobs at once. Social skills can help with Standings, reducing costs further. Haulage and/or Market skills will make getting the raw materials together much easier, and also help get the best prices for the finished goods.
  • Group vs. Solo: The actual manufacturing itself is the job of one person, but extra ships to help with the supply-chain are always useful, and many small to medium corps base their day-to-day operations around keeping the factory fed, and the market stocked.
  • Pros: Hands off play style, allows players to get on with other tasks. Good way to markedly increase the value of junk-loot.
  • Cons: Lots of either expensive, or time-consuming, haulage. Tech 1 market oversaturation - lots of competition in the more common items.

Tech 2 Manufacture

A significantly more advanced and involved sub-profession of Manufacturing, the ability to make Tech 2 items and ships requires access to very limited edition and rare blueprints, along with specific sub-components produced as the end result of a complex interaction between Moon Mining POS raw materials, POS Reactor products and attendant logistical planning, ice mining and so on. It is somewhat impractical for all but the richest private individuals to engage in this kind of manufacture, and such operations are typically a corporate, or even alliance based affair, for the entire process.

However, the actual manufacture of the Tech 2 item itself - the final combine - functions much like Tech 1 Manufacture, provided the extra skill and material requirements are met, and the manufacturerer actually has access to a rare and much-prized Tech 2 Blueprint.

Guide to T2 Component Production


Specialization: Combat
Level: Intermediate
Related to: PvP, Factional warfare
Key skills: all combat related, PvP specialization, some mission elements
Related professions:
Detailed profession guide:

With the release of the Empyrean Age, factional warfare has introduced "PvP for the masses". Now one can join the militias, and PvP even in high-sec, with a little more role-play feeling than that of player alliance clashes in 0.0. Ammar and Caldari miltias fight Gallente and Minmatar, with special missions, awards and ton of player generated PvP action for control over border systems.


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Raw Ore
Specialization: Non-combat
Level: Beginner
Related to: Mining
Key skills: Mining
Related professions: Manufacturer, Hauler
Detailed profession guide: Occupations:The Miner

Even the starter frigate is a metal object about the size of the Eiffel Tower, and thousands of these ships get destroyed every single day. All these metals come from somewhere, and the miner is responsible for the majority of all raw minerals sold onto the market.

Mining ranges from solo frigate mining in 1.0 asteroid belts, through organized gang strip mining of whole belts, with dedicated mining cruisers, haulage and security cover, right up to deep 0.0 Alliance-run expeditions for rare minerals, along with associated blockade running to bring them to market.


  • Starting Out: Equip a Basic Miner and head to the nearest triangular HUD marker. Target the asteroid, fill up and return to the station and reprocess.
  • Group vs Solo: Mining can be done well alone, but yields much greater quantities and profits as part of organized gang mining.
  • Pros: Very accessible, high availability of ores, high demand for minerals. Good for players who just want to chill out and chat.
  • Cons: Slow game play, difficulty in getting to high-end ores without help, not for the impatient.


Revelations introduced what would be considered two sub professions. Though not actually requiring the mining skill as a pre-requisite, their usage and methodology clearly define them as a branch of the mining profession.

Salvaging is the extraction of salvage materials from ship wrecks which are then used in the construction of valuable ship rigs.

Cloud Harvester

Cloud Harvester

Along with Salvaging, Cloud Harvesting was the 2nd mining type sub profession. Though unlike its counter part salvaging, and its parent mining, it is not open to everyone who wants to give it a try. This is down mainly to the fact most gas cloud's are in 0.0 regions, only occurring within the revelations exploration in the following constellations E-8CSQ, 09-4XV, 9HXQ-G, OK-FEM, Pegasus, Assilot, I-3ODK and 760-9C. Though there is a small chance that they will randomly occur else where in 0.0 space, and lower quality gas clouds have been spotted in low-sec sectors. The skills need Gas Cloud Harvesting, Drug Manufacturing, Neurotoxin Recovery, Nanite Control and Gas Cloud Harvester modules also drop only within those regions. Most of which are under firm alliance control.


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Specialization: Combat
Level: Intermediate
Related to: Corporations, Alliances, PvP
Key skills: all combat related
Related professions: all combat related
Detailed profession guide: Occupations:The Mercenary

People who are hired to kill. Normally by a corporation or an Alliance which is a major player in Alliance politics.

Mission Runner

Specialization: Combat
Level: Beginner
Related to: Agents, Missions, PvE
Key skills: all combat related and Social
Related professions:  ?
Detailed profession guide: Occupations:The Mission-Runner

The many NPC Factional Corporations in EVE all have thier own interests in space. When their own forces are occupied elsewhere, or when a job needs doing that requires a discrete outsider, they use their Agents to hire help from the Capsule community, and authorise large payments for results.

Agents missions form the majority of the PvE combat content in EVE, and are a good way to get stuck into to some on-demand starship combat. Agents also offer courier missions, and some conduct research, with the eventual aim of giving out valuable blueprints for production.

Mission Running

  • Starting Out: Open the star map with the My Agents filter displayed. Select a nearby green system with an agent in a Corporation you like the sound of, dock there and start a conversation, via the Agents tab. Standings with agents gets better with each successful mission.
  • Income: Mission Rewards, Time Bonuses, NPC Kill Bounties and Loot Sale/Reprocess
  • Important Storyline Missions get you factional standings. This affects your gain and deductions standing to other factions.
  • Development Tips: Work up the main chain of ship classes to prepare you for the next level up agents. (L1 = Frigate, L2 = Cruiser, L3 = Battle cruiser, L4 = Battleship, with help.) In addition to a solid all round understanding of ship combat skils, focus on the various Social skills, to increase payouts and recognition for your work. At higher level Courier type missions, an Industrial on hand is also helpful. Research Agents will require extra skill training in various sciences and courier work.
  • Standings allow you to get better Agents.
  • Group vs Solo: Up to L3 the missions are comfortably soloable, although more ships means quicker mission turnover. At L4, a wingman may be necessary for some of the tougher missions.
  • Pros: Fast paced combat, solid regular income, interesting Agent loyalty offers.
  • Cons: Expensive ship upgrade path, wide range of skills required. Standings loss/gain can cause your game play to change.


See Scientist.


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Specialization: Non-combat
Level: Intermediate.
Related to: Research Agents, Science and Industry
Key skills: Science
Related professions: Manufacturer
Detailed profession guide: Occupations:The Researcher

The technologies involved in designing, building and operating starships are bewildering to say the least. But even the most complex and advanced capital ship began life as a sketch on someone's drawing board, and such designs are rarely perfect on their first version.

There are two types of scientists. Some work with inventions, creating new blueprints; others refine existing Blueprints to increase the time and mineral efficiency of the existing design. They also make blueprint copies, allowing others to manufacture limited runs of the original product.

  • Invention- a sub Occupation of the scientist. Having the R&D skills to make tech II the Inventor will buy BPcs to make tech II BPcs.


  • Starting Out: Purchase an affordable Blueprint Original from the Market. Ammunition is a good place to start. Take it to a Station with available Laboratory slots and use the Research and Manufacturing windows to set the appropriate jobs up and running.
  • Income: Sale of well-researched Blueprint Copies or Originals via the Escrow Market. (Researched BPos or BPcs cannot be sold on the normal market.)
  • Development Tips: Focus on the laboratory related Science skills. Blueprint Originals tend to be very expensive, so an additional source of investment funds helps as well - missions, trading, mining, etc.
  • Group vs. Solo: Only one person can research a Blueprint at a time. Corps can benefit from a designated Scientist however, although this is a position of great trust.
  • Pros: High demand for copies of larger item blueprints, very hands-off play - can be getting on with other stuff, no raw materials required.
  • Cons: High initial cash investment, contested Mineral Efficiency lab slots, more of a supplementary play style than a main career.

Ore thief

A Jet Can
Specialization: In between
Level: Beginner
Related to:
Key skills:
Related professions: Pirate, Miner, Hauler,
Detailed profession guide: The Ore Thief

The occupation of stealing ore from jetcans that miners use to place their ore in when mining. A popular prey for bored bounty hunters looking for an easy kill. Beware the t2 fitted rookie ships :)


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Specialization: Combat
Level: Beginner to advanced
Related to: PvP
Key skills: Combat, Refining, Mining, Industrial
Related professions: Anti-Pirate, Bounty Hunter, Mercenary, Mission Runner, Miner,
Detailed profession guide: Occupations:The Pirate

Every society has its criminal Element. Pirates represent that facet of society. Ruthlessly exploiting combat prowess to extort, ransom, or simply annihilate other capsuleers for profit or pleasure.

Pirates use varying tactics depending on the location, situation, and their skills. Above all, a pirate must be fearless, and willing to make sacrifices in the name of carnage and destruction. Getting started


  • Starting Out: Perhaps take up a legitimate occupation during your formative moments, and use that to finance your initial forays into the violent life of a space swashbuckler. Learning to outfit ships and fight PvP are also essential.
  • Income: The lure of plunder and profit is one of piracy's most attractive features. Destroyed ships leave behind wreckage full of modules and cargo that can turn large sums upon sale or reprocessing.
  • Development Tips: Focus heavily on combat-oriented skills. Learn your ships and fittings inside-out. Once your battle skills start bringing in regular kills, Marketing and/or Industrial (reprocessing) skills may come into play.
  • Group vs. Solo: Living on the darker side of the law can be lonely, however there are many groups of pirates who band together. Several tactics benefit from multiple ships being present, however, being able to trust your gang members is essential.
  • Pros: High profit potential. Purely player-generated game experience. Fun. Rarely repetitive or boring.
  • Cons: High initial cash investment, Constant combat can lead to significant losses, Eventually security status drops can restrict your travel ability.


Specialization: Combat
Level: Intermediate
Related to: PvP, Exploration
Key skills: all combat related
Related professions:
Detailed profession guide:

With Revelations, this profession has become real. With your scan probe launcher and a cargo hold of probes you will be finding many new objects and places in space. The related skills can be employed in Exploration (PvE) or on the PvP front.


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Specialization: Non-combat
Level: Beginner, but intermediary highly recommended.
Related to: Trading, Economy of EVE
Key skills: Trade
Related professions: Investor, Courierr
Detailed profession guide: Occupations:The Trader

The EVE regional markets are an incredibly complex affair, and an excellent source of income for those who can work them well. Thousands of worlds, all with supplies and demands, and all relying on the Capsule pilot to join the dots...for a price of course...

Trading takes three main markets in EVE; the NPC Trade Goods Market, where margins are smaller, but more dependable, the Player Equipment Market where competition is firece, but ignorance can be capitalized on, and the Contract (former Escrow) Market, where pretty much anything can and will go. At it's simplest, trading is just buying something cheaply at one station, and taking to a place where they're paying more, but soon develops into a complex game of longterm planning, three month buy orders and logistical organisation.


  • Starting Out: Check the market, find a Trade Good maket item that is on sale nearby for a lower price than the region average, then carry as much of it as will fit in the hold, to a station with a higher than regional average demand.
  • Income: Transaction Profits.
  • Development Tips: Focus on the various Trade skills to increase your flexibility with the market. Also work towards Industrial and Freighter ship types for greater per-trip carrying capacity. Time is money, so consider Navigation skills as well. Always keep a healthy bank balance for operating capital.
  • Group vs Solo: Works best for solo players, although subcontracting out haulage can be a wise investment. Trading in and out of 0.0 space works best with combat escort and scouts (or covert ops capability and friends and allies in the areas you're interested in).
  • Pros: Huge income at the top end, safe path to riches.
  • Cons: Time consuming haulage, research required to find uncontested routes, needs money to make money.
  • Important: A distinction should be drawn between those who "trade" by hauling goods from sellers to buyers, and those who "trade" on the open player market. Perhaps there should be another occupation listed, called "market trader" as distinct from "goods haulers".

A good source for updated information on markets, buy/sell orders, etc., can be found at:


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