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Tech 2 Heavy Interdictor
Basic Fitting Information
Powergrid small.png Powergrid 835 MW
CPU small.png CPU 560 tf
High slot icon.png High Slots 6
Medium slot icon.png Medium Slots 6
Low slot icon.png Low Slots 4
Turret hardpoints.png Turrets 0
Launcher hardpoints.png Launchers 5
Rig slot.png Rig Slots 2
See Fitting for more information.
Basic Combat Attributes
Shield icon.png Shield HP 2,004
Armour icon.png Armour HP 1,196
Icon max velocity.png Max Velocity 198 m/s


Description & Bonuses

Hull: Moa Class Role: Heavy Interdictor

Effectively combining the trapping power of interdictors with the defensive capabilities of heavy assault ships, the heavy interdictor is an invaluable addition to any skirmish force, offensive or defensive. Heavy interdictors are the only ships able to use the warp disruption field generator, a module which creates a warp disruption field that moves with the origin ship wherever it goes.

Developer: Kaalakiota

As befits one of the largest weapons manufacturers in the known world, Kaalakiota’s ships are very combat focused. Favoring the traditional Caldari combat strategy, they are designed around a substantial number of weapons systems, especially missile launchers. However, they have rather weak armor and structure, relying more on shields for protection.

Caldari Cruiser Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to kinetic missile damage and 5% bonus to shield resistances per level

Heavy Interdictor Skill Bonus: 10% bonus to heavy assault and heavy missile velocity and 5% bonus to range of warp disruption fields per level

Note: can fit warp disruption field generators




Max velocity : 198 m/sec
Ship warp speed : 3.8 AU/S
Plasma Propulsion Strength : 7 points
Base price : 18302524.00 ISK
Tech 1 versions : Moa

showinfo : 11995

Skill Requirements

Blueprint Info

Base Price : 0 ISK



Manufacturing time : 1 day, 14 hours, 53 minutes
Research material time : 6 days, 11 hours, 33 minutes
Research copy time : 1 month, 2 days, 9 hours
Research productivity time : 1 week, 2 days, 17 hours, 20 minutes
Wastage factor : 10%

Production limit : 10

Bill of materials


Industry V
Cruiser Construction V
Caldari Starship Engineering I
Mechanical Engineering I


Tritanium : 468032
Pyerite : 129361
Mexallon : 34325
Isogen : 8718
Zydrine : 481
Megacyte : 125
Morphite : 100
Nocxium : 161

Other Materials

Moa : 1
Construction Blocks : 125
Sustained Shield Emitter : 275
Scalar Capacitor Unit : 203
Titanium Diborite Armor Plate : 275
Gravimetric Sensor Cluster : 110
Quantum Microprocessor : 330
Graviton Reactor Unit : 165
Magpulse Thruster : 132
R.Db - Kaalakiota : 80%
Consumer Electronics : 20
Reports : 36

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