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Outgrowth Rogue Drone Hive

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This is a DED-Level 5 deadspace complex featuring NPC drones to destroy and several cans and structures to be looted.

According to the description, this site once was a Navy staging facility, specializing in the research of plasma weapons, but has long since fallen to strains of rogue drones. Although they have developed quite a presence, it couldn't yet be called a "true mother hive".



The first room is gated!


Very few frigate-sized drones, one cruiser sized. Lootable strucure (marked), no mentionable loot.

No key is required to go to the second room.


When entering this room there are several drone sentry guns in a circle and 3 more guns by a surging acceleration gate. The drone sentry guns are arranged in a regular octagon each with two drones. Knowledge of the skill plasma physics is required to use the surging acceleration gate. This is the first room with a drone commandeered battleship, a Dominix, which is the overseer. He drops the key and personal effects.


Mix of frigates and cruiser, there is a station for looting here as well. No aggro on warp-in.


Very nice graphics in here, 6 battleships, 8 cruisers, 2 frigates. Easy to handle in 2 Battlecruisers. No aggro on warp-in.


Half a dozen cruisers and about 10 frigates - manageable in a lone battlecruiser. No aggro on warp-in.


3 battleships (one "supreme defender"), d dozen frigs and cruiser, 10 cruise missile batteries. No aggro on warp-in.


smaller cruiser and frigate groups to the left and the right - 7 battleships, 4 cruiser and a huge sentry structure directly ahead. No aggro on warp-in.



The loot form the drones is is the form of alloys. All alloys are represented. There are several containers with an assortment of items.


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