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Overdrive Injector

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At the cost of a percentage of your Cargohold, the Overdrive Injector will increase your base speed by a percent. The Stacking Penalty applies to the speed increase, making multiple Overdrive Injectors, or other modules that increase speed, ineffective after a certain number have been installed.

The drawback of having your Cargohold reduced is usually negligible for PVP activities, but might be an issue for PVE if you need to carry a lot of loot.


Name Meta Level Max Velocity Bonus Cargohold Penalty
Tech I Basic Overdrive Injector System n/a 6.9% -10%
Marked Modified SS Overdrive Injector n/a 7.3% -10%
Type-E Altered SS Overdrive Injector n/a 7.6% -10%
Alpha Hull Mod Overdrive Injector n/a 8.0% -10%
Partial Hull Conversion Overdrive Injector n/a 8.3% -10%
Overdrive Injector System I n/a 10.4% -15%
Mark I Modified SS Overdrive Injector 1 10.8% -15%
Type-D Altered SS Overdrive Injector 2 11.1% -15%
Beta Hull Mod Overdrive Injector 3 11.4% -15%
Local Hull Conversion Overdrive Injector I 4 11.8% -15%
Tech II Overdrive Injector System II 5 12.5% -20%
Faction Domination Overdrive Injector 8 12.5% -5%
Republic Fleet Overdrive Injector 8 12.5% -5%


  • The Overdrive Injector originally increased speed by an absolute value, such as 30m/s for a Tech 1 module. While a relatively smaller boost for a Frigate than future iterations of the module, it was much better for larger vessels, and wasn't subject to a Stacking Penalty.
  • Very soon after the initial release of the Revelations expansion, the module was changed (along with most other speed related modules). It then provided a percent based increase, such as 16.7% for the Tech 1 version. Like most percent based stat bonuses, it became subject to the Stacking Penalty.
  • The Quantum Rise expansion kept the percent model, but reduced the power of the Overdrive Injector considerably. The Tech 2 module became a 12.5% speed increase, down from a 20% increase.

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