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Overseer's Personal Effects

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Overseer's Personal Effects
Type: --
Source: loot
Mass: 250.0 kg
Volume: 10.0m3
Obtaining a Deadspace Overseer's personal effects is proof that you have finished clearing all major obstacles in a deadspace pocket and decimated the leading figure.
Anyone that procures and OPE (from the pirates themselves, their bases or from guarded containers) can sell them to Concord or DED for a reasonable amount of cash.
Concord has rated Deadspace Overseers by the threat they pose to society and divided them into tiers that dictate how much a seller gets for their effects.

Overseer's Personal Effects can be found ranging from 1st to 22nd tier. 1st tier being the least valuable and 22nd tier the most valuable. The value range is very large, 1st tier being worth only a few thousand ISK and 22nd tier being worth a few billion ISK. They can also be collected and used in other ways similar to Insignia.

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