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Sovereignty Gallente Federation
Average Security Level 0.30
Neighboring Regions Verge Vendor, Essence, Black Rise, Cloud Ring, Pure Blind, Syndicate
Trade Hubs Stacmon, Ostingele, Osmeden, Orvolle
Pirate Faction Serpentis

Placid is a region of Empire space within Gallente Federation space. Station services are plentiful within Placid.

Placid borders on Cloud Ring, Syndicate, Verge Vendor, Essence, Black Rise and Pure Blind.



Placid is directly adjacent to Syndicate, one of the few direct Highsec-0.0 jumps in the universe. Indeed, the jump into PF-346 is heavily camped. Major trade hubs in the region include Stacmon and Osmeden/Orvolle, which are also central locations for running missions for the Federation Navy.

Several whole constellations in this region are contested. However, one must wonder with whom the Gallente Federation contests them, as they are isolated from any contenders by systems that are NOT contested.


Placid used to be a pirate hotspot, but has declined in popularity with outlaws. However, the concentration of low-sec systems, and the ease of access to three 0.0 regions serves to make it a popular region.

Systems of Note in Placid

Stacmon is Placid's acknowledged hi-sec trade hub. Although surrounded by low-sec systems, it does have a high-sec exit through to Aidart in Verge Vendor.

For the outlaws, Ostingele seems to have emerged as a good place to trade.

Adjacent Regions


Corporate headquarters in this region

Region's Card Game Version

Cost : 3
Income : 2
Locations : 4

Friendly ships in this region get +1/+1

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