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Raddick explorations

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RDEX Corp Est 2005

This Article Pertains to the Fictional Corporation based within the EVE-Online MMORPG.

Raddick Explorations brief discription and history

Formed in 2005 the goal of Raddick Explorations is to allow members to enjoy EVE-Online without the pressure of some of the larger corporations to attend at certain times or give over a portion of time without option.

Formed from a group that Split off from the Corporation "SolarFlare Heavy Industries" By Tobias Raddick and Mako Raddick the corp has grown to be a professional Industry/PVP (combat)corporation with an emphasis on helping each other and defending underdogs from stronger war hungry players and corporations.

This has led to the corp being taken advantage of several times since its inception, however most members take this in stride and thefts have not detered the co-operation of the many members that make up "Raddick explorations" or as its ticker states "RDEX"

Command structure (2008)

CEO Mako Raddick

Founder Tobias Raddick


Poslen, - Training and Industry;

Cassius Paulus, -2nd in command;

Honour - Corp Logistics

Jacinta Worth, -Combat and Eve lore;

Ari Xali -Industry and Combat;

Saru Ichagrehi - Industry;

Notable Incidents: (Please alter heading to Incidents and link in relevant material)

Space Rats War :-

Tribal souls Exodus

The Reformation

The State of the Corp in 2008 :-

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