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Ratting is a term used in EVE for when a player goes out and kills rats (short for NPC pirates).

Most rats are found at asteroid belts, some are found at gates in low-sec and 0.0 system. Rats are also player opponents on combat missions.

The lower the system security, the bigger the rats. The bigger the rats, the higher the bounty but of course the more dangerous a rat. Do not underestimate the power of the rats just because they are computer controlled - although of course they are much less dangerous than the human players (see PvP). Bounties can be misleading: frigate and destroyer bounties range from 1,000 to 30,000; cruiser and battle cruiser from 50,000-300,000, and battleships from 300,000-2,000,000. While a higher bounty within a class means the more dangerous a rat (deals more damage, has more hitpoints), an elite ship-NPC of a smaller size will have a much smaller bounty that a non-elite bigger ship NPC. For example, an NPC interceptor will have a bounty of about 30,000 - but may scramble or web you down, which can be a nasty surprise for an inexperienced player in a cruiser or battleship which cannot hit the nimble interceptor! It is not uncommon for players to worry more and spend more time killing the 'small fry' than the big juicy battleships. So don't judge the rat solely by its bounty! Oh, and the labels "deadly" or such on rats are as useless as the bounty, if you are wondering.

Sites like have detailed statistics of most rats, and eventually they will be imported to our wiki :)

The following text will allow you to prevent major damage to your ship while fighting the rats, take care when reading your mission objectives as it will usually tell you what you are up against.

Damages types used by different rats:

  • Guristas (Caldari) -> Kinetic/Thermal
  • Angel (Minmatar) -> Explosive
  • Blood (Amarr) - EM/Thermal
  • Sansha (Amarr) - EM/Thermal
  • Serpentis (Gallente) - Kinetic/Thermal
  • Khanid (Amarr) - EM/Thermal
  • Mordus (Caldari) - Kinetic/Thermal
  • Amarr Navy - EM/Thermal
  • Caldary Navy - Kinetic/Thermal
  • Gallente Navy - Kinetic/Thermal
  • Minmatar - ALL (Kinetic/Thermal)
  • Thukker - Explosive/Kinetic/Thermal
  • Rogue Drones - ALL
  • Komni - Thermal/Kinetic

Main damage types that should be used against these rats:

  • Guristas (Caldari) - Kinetic
  • Angel (Minmatar) - Explosive
  • Blood (Amarr) - EM/Thermal
  • Sansha (Amarr) - EM/Thermal
  • Serpentis (Gallente) - Thermal
  • Khanid (Amarr) - EM/Thermal
  • Mordus (Caldari) - Kinetic/Thermal
  • Mercenary - Thermal
  • Amarr Navy - Thermal
  • Caldary Navy - Kinetic
  • Gallente Navy - Thermal
  • Minmatar - Thermal
  • Thukker - Thermal
  • Roque Drones - EM/Thermal
  • Komni - Thermal

See: Category:NPC Ships, Spawn chaining

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