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Red Alliance

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RED Alliance [RED]
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Executor Corporation UA Industry
Founding Corporation UA Industry
Founder Zhbr
Settled Systems PQRE-W, SO-X5L, Q-GQHN, 995-3G, O-5TN1, 8-SPNN, M53-1V, I-2705, P7-45V, U93O-A, 5M2-KP, C8H5-X, C-J6MT, EFM-C4, 3AE-CP, F2A-GX, RD-FWY, X0-6LH, N7-BIY, TTP-2B, LVL-GZ, HFC-AQ.
Member Corporations 9
Member Total 776
Date Created 21 February 2005
Updated: 9 Nov 2007
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Alliance Overview

Red Alliance has been around since the start of 2005 and has roots back in the Curse Alliance. The majority of their alliance is of Russian nationality. They currently have uncontested control over the Insmother, Cache and VU-WU2 regions. They have one of the most experienced and well-stocked capital ship and supercapital fleets in the game, including three Titans.

The Early History of RA according to MACTEP

Translated by Arthanius

I. CA Disbanded

- CA fell apart. The -5- formed as well as RA and other alliances.

II. RAT leaving RA.

- RA loses, (for several reasons: alliance of ebayers, disagreement with politics, structure, too many NAPs, lack of goals, etc.) its PVP backbone with Evil Thug at its head who forms RAT.

- RA is left with 20-30 adequate PVP pilots, tons of noobs, and miners.

III. -5- backstabs RA.

- RAT began shooting -5-, beginning with ATUK and later the rest of the alliance.

- The -5-, after a patch introduced POSs and claims, betray RA and take all our stations claiming that RAT is an alt corp of RA.

IV. RAT coming to help.

- A partisan war occurs between RA and the -5-. It was hard to compare RA gangs with a gang from just one -5- corp. After some time, RAT actively joined the war for regional control. After this, a breakthrough moment occurred. -5- Pilots began dying in droves, RAT with support from RA take over Detorid and Immensea drawing away the main -5- forces to the region. In parallel, RA takes over Cache, SP, WC.

V. Can I join to RA? Of course.

Peace settles, -5- travels to the north. CWRA (Americans) and Section XIII (French) join RA. Other corporations helping in the fight join too as well as a multitude of other corporations. The alliance grows large, multilingual, and weakly organized.

VI. RA vs Coalition

CHIMP Alliance forms. They ask for the return of Detorid but their request is denied. They establish numerous POSs in key systems and wait.

-V- who fought against us from the moment of becoming an alliance asks for the return of SP. They are also rejected.

LV (an alliance formed from 2 former -5- corps Shinra\M.Corp) asks for peace and for one region and promise support/defense of the borders. They ask for Insmother. They are also rejected. They leave and take over Omist\Tenerifis from the previous residents and establish their own order.

KOS, an alliance of homeless pilots, asks for the control of WC. They also receive a rejection.

During this time, LV's territories are unchallenged and consequently they quickly prosper. They decide to expand their territory and ensure their safety in the future. They contact Chimp\KOS\V, and begin a coordinated expansion into RA territory.

Nobody wanted to fly to defend Detorid and consequently it was quickly lost. The same happened with Immensea. In Wicked Creek we tried to do something but because most pilots preferred gang squads with their own cops and there were no FCs capable of leading combined gangs, RA fleets did not form often. And in this manner we lost region after region. In principle, few were even worried - why should I defend someone else's station if I don't need it?

VII. Thank you for having us, we have had a lot of fun flying with you.

All regions were lost, all those who in the past actively asked to get into RA also began actively leaving. As a result the alliance became mostly Russian corps that flew on their own and did their own thing. The last remaining alliance leader abandoned his post and everyone is left to their own devices.

During this time I was one of the few who formed gangs and taught pilots. So began a new RA.

RA Reborn (Reunion story)

RA Retreat

After the defeat in Wicked Creek on the 8th of March when RA lost 9 dreadnoughts, a dark period began in RA’s story. Torn by internal intra-corporation conflicts and surrounded on all sides by the encroaching forces of the coalition, RA began rapidly losing conquered territories. First to fall were Immensea and Detorid, next in line came Wicked Creek, the last to fall were Insmother and Scalding Pass. Corporations were fleeing the alliance, each one presented different reasons and excuses – “we didn’t receive help in our time of need.” In the end the alliance was abandoned by all non-Russian speaking corporations. The order was given to re-group forces in Curse, Cache, and Konora.

The old Red Alliance died.

Reunion Corp founded (25.04.06)

In the beginning of March 2006, RA began populating its territories with citizens. (ED: RA seems to refer to its tenants as “citizens” so read “citizens” as tenants.). A majority of the new corporations were ordinary carebears, miners, and ratters who didn’t need anything except high-end ores and fat NPC’s. But in the Scalding Pass region an unusual corporation formed. The region bordered the Great Wildlands and was constantly under attack by -V- alliance. Consequently the new industrial corporations were forced to constantly defend themselves and learned how to PVP. When the coalition began attacking Scalding Pass, those who did not run to Empire, remained with RA forces in 28y till the end to defend the station and remove the POSs. After the fall of 28y they moved with RA into H-ADOC (Curse). Because most of the corporations lost many of their members, who did not like all the fighting and who wanted to peacefully carebear, many corporations were down to 8-10 active members. Consequently after long discussions between the members of corporations RA Free Space aka Banderlog, Devil’s Brigade, Evil Noobs, and citizens OEG and Blood Dust, the decision was made to unite all active players into a new corporation – Reunion.

The next month was an absolute nightmare for the coalition and especially -V-. An RN (Reunion) Gang of 20-30 people under the command of our FC Studik created a total bloodbath in the regions bordering Curse. Having listened to the propaganda about the death of RA on Eve-O the coalition pilots treated RA pilots appearing in local with absolute indifference. This allowed our gangs to destroy one enemy after another. During the first month of its existence RN gangs destroyed over 500 enemy ships (including around 115 battleships), while maintaining a kill/death ratio (again including battleships) of 9:1. During this time all members gained a huge amount of PVP knowledge and when the next chapter in the history of RA came, the corporation was no longer a collection of ignorant miners-ratters, but a fully formed combat corporation.

Other corporations in RA did not waste their time pointlessly, the constantly terrorized coalition territory and controlled all complexes in their former territories. RA pilots gained experience in conducting war while outnumbered. At the same time they improved the material base of the alliance while preparing for the day of the deciding operation. That day came on the 24th of May. RUSH, RN with the support of the Solar Dragons fleet, Rus SOBR, Rus-1-Ukr, and UAI locked down C-J6MT and anchored 20 large death star POSs. The war for Insmother began.

War for Insmother RA siege C-J6 MT (25.05.06)

An interesting even occurred before the beginning of the siege; this event almost changed our history. Our POS towers were hidden in different safespots not far from C-J6, and when the operation began we arrived at one of our safespots and found 5 towers missing (they were stolen by a -V- pilot). This sign of stupidity almost ruined the entire operation, as many believed we would be unlucky in this operation. But the decisiveness of our leaders improved our morale and the operation to conquer C-J progressed according to plan. The coalition did not react immediately. Only on the second day did it begin to lazily send its first troops, local was full of bravado to the theme of “RA – logofski, RA – cheaters” etc. Having freely destroyed undefended POSs in Cache, the coalition thought that it would do the same here and in a few days they could all safely return home. They were deeply mistaken.

The first attack came on the 3rd day, 15 dreadnoughts attacked a Reunion POS located at moon 4-1. Local reached 200+ people of whom around 50 were RA. Coalition dreadnoughts entered siege mode, RA fleet of battleships commanded by xDeath and MACTEP attacked the dreadnoughts this forced the Coalition support fleet to try to save their dreads while taking fire from the POS. When the meatgrinder ended and the dreadnought had put the POS into reinforced mode, the Coalition found itself short of 150 ships! The next day the POS was successfully recharged and we called it “the Meatgrinder.”

The second Coalition attack occurred on the next day, this time our battleship attack was more successful and though we suffered greater losses than the first day, RA destroyed 1 of Chowdown’s dreadnoughts.

On the next day the RA fleet numbered around 70 pilots and the following Coalition attack ended horribly for the coalition. 3 dreadnoughts were destroyed and the attack was called off. 4th dread went down (31.05.06)

Station captured (01.06.06)

Several days went by without further attacks, the Coalition was licking its wounds, and many pilots had grown tired of patrolling the system constantly. Sovereignty flipped to RA but pilot numbers always favored the Coalition at least 2 to 1. Finally on May 1, when Coalition pilot numbers fell to their lowest point and the ratio approached 1 to 1, RA attacked the station with 40 battleships. Coalition pilots attempted to interfere with the battle at the station but they were quickly destroyed by the better organized RA gang. After an hour the station fell under RA control. After another few days the Coalition fleet abandoned the system.

After Siege

The following month passed without any significant battles, RA acquired a strategic system which was located within the center of the regions controlled by the Coalition, which made possible fast raids into enemy territory. RA took the next after one and a half months and began recapturing the rest of the territory in Insmother.

In the middle of July RA anchored several POSs in F2A. The Coalition answered by bringing in a 200 man fleet which locked down 8-w for more than a week blocking off the path from C-J6 to F2A. In the meantime the Coalition capital fleet began shooting RA POSs in F2A. Having a 200 man fleet guarding them, the Coalition capital fleet was not concerned that they were under threat.

RA vs. LV Dreads in F2A (20.07.06)

For the first time since the defeat in Q-GQ and the loss of its dreadnoughts, RA used its capital fleet.

Official statement: Yesterday Coalition made heavy dread (25 dread) strike on RA POSs in F2A. All of them were put into reinforced mode. Surrounding systems were heavily camped.

This morning, at 07:19 eve time in capital ships fight near RUSH POS at planet 3 moon 5, RA forces killed 5 Coalition dreads. RA lost 1 allied carrier during this fight.

Coalition forces 8 dreads, 2 carriers( coalition carriers stayed at station during a fight for a strange reason), RA 5 dreads, 7 carriers.

Fight was lag free till the last Phoenix kill, when almost half of RA capital ships crashed.

RA vs. ERA Dreads (23.07.06)

Within a couple days the story repeated itself except this time in Cache.

Official statement:

Yesterday ERA alliance put in reinforced a number of RA POSs in Cache region.

This evening, at 23:57 eve time in capital ships fight near RUA POS at planet 1 moon 5, RA forces killed 10 E.R.A Alliance Dreadnoughts and a number of BS's and support ships. RA lost 3 dreadnoughts during this fight.

Capturing F2A (25.07.06)

RA waited patiently for a week until the Coalition grew bored of blocking the route to F2A and one early morning the Coalition fleet dwindled from 120 to 40 people. We decided to attack. The blockade was lifted and the blockade fleet was completely destroyed. Within an hour, RA dreadnoughts were capturing the station.

RA (ASCN + Coalition Siege C-J6) (06.08.06) In a few words - just watch the movie.

Day One:

On Friday morning Coalition + ASCN started to camp system C-J6MT, trying to prevent RED Alliance forces gathering to defend it. Station was camped with 15+ med and small bubbles. At 23:19 Coalition capital fleet , warped to RA POS 2-1 with support of BS fleet. C-J6MT local at this moment was 255 ppl, with about 60-70 RA gang and the rest hostile pilots. In 3 engagements at 2-1 POS Coalition+ASCN forces lost 3 carriers and another 2 near station 30 min later. Enemy dreads retreated to system 1v-. One RA POS was put into reinforced mode.

Hostile Alliances present in system: ERA, LV, -V-, KOS, ASCN.

Total losses for both sides from 04.08.2006 till 05.08.2006 DT in C-J6MT and neighboring systems:

Coalition + ASCN: (source - Red Alliance killboard)

Battleships -71, HAC's - 5, Command ships- 2, Recon ships - 3, Interdiktors - 5. Carriers - 5.

RA : ( source - ASCN, -V-, LV, ERA killboards)

Battleships - 6, Recon ships - 1, HAC's - 2. I do not count frig, inty and as.frig losses as I don't care. Second day.

Local reached 250 ppl, but no major fights, just some sniping, gate ganking , station camping. Coalition did not dare to attack this day. Losses on both sides insignificant, however coalition lost 1 carrier due to logging off on POS. 3 covert ops pilots did their job well.

Third day.

At some point local reached 415(Jita style). with about 80-90 RA pilots, the rest hostiles. 17:48 EVE time. 40+ Coalition capital ships attacked POS 3-1, effectively putting it into reinforced mode. Capital fleet was supported by BS fleet staying 350 km from POS to load the grid and warping to 200 km to engage our attacking force. (12 RA bs were lost in this engagement due to pilots enable to load overview for more than 2-5 min.) Enemy dreads were engaged 3 times by RA BS fleet with support of fighters from carriers. After 4 dreadnoughts were killed in first 2 engagements while in reinforced mode, being supported by carriers with remote shield and armor transporters, decision was made to engage capitals on warp out. Due to lag we managed to trap only remaining near POS 2 dreads and 2 carriers, 2 interdictors were lost in this engagement.

After fight at POS, capital fleet retreated to 1v-, support and bs fleet started to leave system, the siege is over. An attempt to activate some modules on my tempest is still underway.


Coalition + ASCN in 3 days of C-J6MT Siege manage to reinforce 2 POS.

Coalition + ASCN losses day 3 (source RA killboard):

Dreadnoughts -6, Carriers -1, Battleships - 21, HAC's - 2, Recon ships - 1, Interdictors -4, Covert ops -5.

RA losses:

Battleships - 16, Recon ships - 1, Interdictors - 3. Covert ops - 2. KOS movie about Coalition death:

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