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A Region is the largest geographical sub-division in the EVE Universe, and is made up of a cluster of neighbouring Constellations, each comprising of tens of Star Systems. Regions tend to be the basic unit when considering Alliance or Faction territorial claims.

The largest scope a Market browser can be set to view, is the current Region.

See also: Category:Regions



Empire Regions

These regions are mostly or totally under the control of the four main NPC Factions, and are generally refered to as 'Empire' space. Because of this, player Alliances are unable to make any real credible claim over these regions.

Amarr Empire

Caldari State

Gallente Federation

Minmatar Republic

Sovereign Regions

In addition to the four main empires, certain other NPC factions occupy enough of a region to be considered owners of it, making CONCORD-Approved Alliance claims impossible.

Northern Rim

The area to the north of Caldari and Gallente space is home to the Guristas and Serpentis pirates, Mordu's Legion mercenaries, and The Servant Sisters of EVE cult. The Society of Conscious Thought also occupy a number of systems in the east of this area, but on the whole it is an empty stellar wilderness, and very much up for grabs.

8 of these regions, with the Guristas Pirates-owned Venal as the exception, are dominated by the single most powerful military and industrial entity of EVE : "The Northern Coalition". Formed of a multitude of Alliances, this powerbloc dominates much of the Northern Rim, with only sections of Geminate and Vale of the Silent belonging to other entities, not including the smaller factions headquartered in Pure Blind, Vale of the Silent and Tribute. The local pirates are Guristas Pirates.

Southeastern Rim

By far the largest area of non-empire space, the region to the south and east of Minmatar and Amaar space contains a great number of unsettled regions. The Thukker Tribe, Blood Raiders and Sansha's Nation all occupy several systems in this area, but on the whole these regions are vast and free of established settlements, making them prime Alliance territory.

The vast majority of these regions are controlled by ATLAS Alliance, Against ALL Authorities and their allies. The Great Wildlands is the home to the Thukker Tribe and the site of fierce fighting between the Southeastern Rim residents and rival factions fighting guerilla wars for control over the Cynosural Generator towers that provide a crucial logistical artery for the alliances in the region.

ATLAS Rents out much of its sovereign space to smaller alliances, who help provide a buffer to attackers and a source of income. Against ALL Authorities (AAA) Have a similar system in place, renting out a large portion of its space to its official renter alliance, AAA Citizens, who also provide a buffer and a source of income.

Providence was until early 2010 controlled by The Providence Holders, a highly connected band of largely roleplaying Alliances operating under a NRDS (Not Red, Don't Shoot), who are loyal to the Amarr Empire, and are members of the Holder Caste, hence the name. However, in Early 2010, a force spearheaded by long standing enemies AAA, supplemented by AAA Citizens, Ushra'Khan, ATLAS and other local Alliances, dismantled much of the Holders' fleet, including a large portion of its Capital fleet in a single battle. AAA subsequently invited smaller alliances, Such as the newly reformed Daisho Syndicate, long time Allies, Minmatar roleplayers and former providence residents Ushra'Khan, amongst others, to populate the region. The Holders were driven out, with Sev3rance losing their systems in a matter of days. Curatores Veritatis Alliance (CVA), [Paxton Federation]], and their allies held out a little while longer before succumbing to the onslaught of small alliances and AAA's large fleets, buy best essay. In order to find some time for myself I decided to search for service that could supply me with the prime quality custom essays at prices that would be reasonable enough. The final choice was QualityEssay.Com as they did have an excellent reputation. Providence is now run by these Smaller alliances, Ushra'Khan and AAA who form a psuedo-Bloc of the region and of northern Catch.

Cache is controlled by SOLAR FLEET and commonly mistaken for a Drone Region. SOLAR FLEET are not part of ATLAS' bloc.

Western Rim

The area to the west of Gallente and Amaar space is a bleak desert of empty systems, punctuated only by the outposts of Outer Ring Excavations and the Serpentis Corporation. However, many of the regions are prime candidates for Alliance expansion.

The Delve, Fountain and Querious regions are dominated by the largest (in Summer 2010) Alliance in the Galaxy, IT Alliance. They form a part of the loose "Southern Coalition" Consisting of them, Against ALL Authorities, ATLAS Alliance, Red.OverLord and Cult of War, Primary. and Gentelmen's Club. While not as official or united as the Northern Coalition, they unite from time to time to attempt common goals, like the abortive Spring 2010 invasion of Vale of the Silent.

Outer Ring and Syndicate are NPC Controlled 0.0 and a hotbed for combat, while Period Basis is shared between Leguinea R0mana, Systematic-Chaos and IT Alliance.

Jovian Sub-Galaxy

These regions make up the sub-galaxy inhabited by the Jovian Directorate. Territorial claims here are academic in any case, as there is currently no way to actually reach this sub-galaxy.

Polaris Sub-Galaxy

Home of the ISD and GM Staff, these regions are also inaccessible, at present.

The Drone Regions

These are the drone region, with as rats, Drones.

Rogue Drones have no need for stations meaning there are no pre-built stations in these regions and they have all been constructed by various inhabiting Alliances over time. The compounds which drones drop instead of loot are useful as they contain high amounts of minerals and are a viable alternative to mining

The Drone Regions are currently Controlled most notably by Legion of xXDEATHXx, SOLAR FLEET, Red Alliance, Shadow of xXDEATHXx, SOLAR WING and affiliated Alliances. They form a powerbloc known Colloquially as "The Russian bloc", due to their high proportion of Russian speaking members, or "The Drone regions bloc". Intrepid Crossing hold most of the sovereignty in Cobalt Edge, with SOLAR WING holding a few systems. IC are a de facto member of the Russian Bloc, holding Blue standings with them, despite their more international memberbase

Pirate Space/NPC-Controlled Null sec

Several of the above mentioned regions are controlled entirely or in part by the NPC Pirate factions, or by Mordus' Legion or other non-empire factions. These are:

The security status of every system in ALL of these regions is 0.0, so players are free to do whatever they please without fear of CONCORD reprimand. Most of these Factions allow players to run missions for them out of their controlled systems. Missions run from these stations still have all the standings loss penalties attached, and especially for the pirate factions, will sometimes entail killing CONCORD and DED ships, resulting in security status losses. The factions which have partial control of a region usually each control one constellation of the region, with the rest available for capture by Player Alliances. Syndicate, Curse, Stain and Venal in particular see frequent combat by rival Alliances and large corporations, who seek to unofficially control the regions so they can reap the rewards of the missions and the local pirates while keeping many NPC controlled stations to store their loot. For this reason, an Alliance's officially claimed territory is very often only the tip of the iceberg of their 0.0 extent, with many large player entities focusing alot of their assets into these Pirate Regions while only claiming a few systems officially.

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