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Retribution (1/1)(L3)(Amarr Empire)

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Mission Briefing

Retribution (1 of 1)
Mission: Retribution
Mission Type: Normal
Agent Type: unknown
Offering Faction: varies
Mission Level: 3
Objective 1: Kill
Mission Space: Deadspace
Enemy 1: Amarr Empire
Steps: 1

Today is a day of mourning, Player. One of our most esteemed officers was brutally murdered by Amarr Empire scum. He had been in the forefront of our campaign to rid Agent Faction space of those filthy military pigs, and now he is dead. We will miss his services to Agent Corporation greatly.

Now to the point. This great injustice demands retribution, and you will be the deliverer of our wrath. We know of an Imperial Outpost lurking in the fringes of System, and you are to find it and destroy it. I'll supply you to a bookmark that should take you to an acceleration gate leading to it. Once there, your task is to completely obliterate their base. However be warned, their outpost is heavily guarded, I suggest you clear the guards before attempting to destroy the Outpost structure itself. Good luck.

Kill Objective

Destroy the Imperial Outpost and then report back to your agent.

Group 1

Group 2

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    Amarr Navy Omen

Group 3

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    Amarr Navy Officer
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    Amarr Navy Omen

Group 4

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