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Retrieve The Ammo (1 of 2)

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Retrieve The Ammo (1 of 2)
Mission Type: Circle
Agent Type: Event
Offering Faction: varies
Mission Level: 1
Objective 1: Courier
Next part: Uranium Transportation

Part of (arguably, the first of) the Minmatar circle missions.


Mission lead-in

Greetings, name.
Can you give me some work?
For you, my friend, there's always something. Mission briefing
Accept - Sure thing, consider it done.
Ok, hurry up, will you.
Decline - I'm sorry, but I don't have time for this nickle and dime business.

Mission briefing

The Core Complexion Inc. Factory in Arlek informed us that they have another shipment of ammo ready to be transported here. Our transportation services cannot handle the load of these constant courier jobs so I'd be very grateful if you could take it on yourself to bring one batch of Carbonized Lead ammo here.

Overview and Objectives

The following objectives must be completed to finish the mission:

Transporation objective


The following rewards and bonuses will be yours if you complete this mission:

  • 41k-53k isk
  • 46k-53k isk within 2 hours and 30 minutes.


Prior to accepting this mission, the following must be provided by you as collateral, to be returned to you upon successful completion of the mission.


Mission followup

Completion - I've completed the mission.
Thanks. Don't go anywhere though, I have one more assignment I'd like you to complete.
Quit - This mission sucks. I'm outta here.
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