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Sansha's Nation

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This page is about the Faction.



Sansha's Nation was founded more than a century ago, shortly after all the empires had come into contact, just when space exploration and colonization was taking off. Sansha was a Caldari tycoon that carved out a sizeable piece of space for himself. There, he set out to create an utopian state. His vision and charm attracted thousands of people and for some time the Nation flourished. But Sansha became ever more warped as his success increased. He started experiments, combining capsule technology with the human mind, creating a zombie like creatures that had the cold, calculating mind of a computer, but the ingenuity of humans. When this became public knowledge Sansha was condemned and the other empires joined forces to bring him down. His forces were decimated and scattered to the winds. Remnants still remain far in the outer regions, but the once glorious Nation has been reduced to pirates and pillagers.

However, in YT112, capsuleer Mouse Nell released images and information that indicated the Nation had merely been biding its time. Staging from Jovian space, a rebuilt fleet of nation ships began to harass targets across New Eden. The offensive was heralded by four events that left capsuleers awe-struck: The nation fleets were staging from Jovian space and rumors abounded they were employing Jovian inspired technology; the flagship of the fleet was an entirely new vessel- a mothership of unrivaled scope and power; and that the fleet was able to make use of short-term, controlled wormholes to strike anywhere in the galaxy at a whim.

But the most terrible revelation was the return of Sansha Kuvakei, long thought to have been killed by the unified races of New Eden. He reappeared at the forefront of his Nation's fleet, vowing to "commute [the capsuleers] flesh to dust." As of December in YT112, the Sansha's Nation is considered to be on an open offensive, launching incursions of their warships far and wide across New Eden. Sansha aims to subjugate the entirety of the galaxy under his banner. Whether he succeeds or not seems to be entirely in the hands of the capsuleers...


Member Races:Caldari, Minmatar, Amarr, Gallente
Settled Systems:49


Nothing is illegal.

Controlled Territory


Head Quarters: 37S-KO

Member Corporations


LikesDislikesLiked byDisliked by
The Blood Raider Covenant 5.00Amarr Empire -7.00Guristas Pirates 7.00Amarr Empire -8.00
Guristas Pirates 3.00Caldari State -7.00The Blood Raider Covenant 4.50Ammatar Mandate -7.00
Ammatar Mandate -5.00Caldari State -7.00
Khanid Kingdom -5.00Khanid Kingdom -6.00
Mordu's Legion Command -5.00Mordu's Legion Command -4.00
CONCORD Assembly -3.00The Servant Sisters of EVE -4.00
Thukker Tribe -3.00CONCORD Assembly -3.00
Angel Cartel -2.00Thukker Tribe -3.00
Serpentis -2.00Angel Cartel -2.00
The InterBus -1.75Serpentis -2.00
The Society -1.75The InterBus -1.75
The Syndicate -1.00The Society -1.75
The Syndicate -1.00

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