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Insert generally accepted subjective overview of ship here.
Insert generally accepted subjective overview of ship here.
==Description & Bonuses==
==Description & Bonuses==
Copy description from description-tab ingame.
Copy description from description-tab in-game.

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Use the following text as a basis for creating a new ship page. Note that comments (<!-- -->) can be removed if desired.

Insert generally accepted subjective overview of ship here.
==Description & Bonuses==
Copy description from description-tab in-game.
|CPU=                   <!-- CPU -->
|PG=                    <!-- Powergrid -->
|Cali=                  <!-- Calibration -->
|Lows=|Meds=|Highs=     <!-- Slots -->
|Launchers=             <!-- Launcher hardpoints -->
|Turrets=               <!-- Turret hardpoints -->        
|Upgrades=3             <!-- rig slots -->
|HullEM=0               <!-- HULL resistances: Electromagnetic -->
|HullExp=0              <!--    explosive -->
|HullKin=0              <!--    Kinetic -->
|HullThe=0              <!--    thermal -->
|ArmorEM=50               <!-- ARMOR Resistances:   electromagnetic -->
|ArmorExp=10              <!--    explosive -->
|ArmorKin=25              <!--    kinetic -->
|ArmorThe=35              <!--    thermal -->
|ShieldEM=0              <!--  SHIELD resistances:  explosive -->
|ShieldExp=50            <!--     explosive -->
|ShieldKin=40            <!--     kinetic -->
|ShieldThe=20            <!--     thermal -->
|CapMax=          <!-- capacitor maximum -->
|CapRecharge=     <!-- capacitor recharge -->
|TargetRange=     <!-- maximum targetting range -->
|MaxTargets=      <!-- ship's maximum # of targets -->
|ScanRes=         <!-- scan resolution -->
|SensorType=            <!-- which sensor variety of the four is used (radar, ladar, magnetometric, gravimetric) -->
|SigRadius=             <!-- Signature radius -->
Max velocity : X m/sec<br>
Ship warp speed : X AU/S<br>
<Type> propulsion strength : X points<br>
Base price : X ISK<br>
Tech 2 versions : None or [[X]], [[Y]] (Swap 2 with 1 for Tech 2 ships)

==Skill Requirements==
*[[Primary Skill]] X<br>
**[[It's prerequisite]] X<br>
*[[Secondary Skill]] X
==Blueprint Info==
Base Price : X ISK

Manufacturing time : X<br>
Research material time : X<br>
Research copy time : X<br>
Research productivity time : X<br>
Wastage factor : X

Production limit : X
===Bill of materials===
[[Mineral]] : X - Y / Z<br>
[[Another Mineral]] : X - Y / Z<br>
[[Constant]] : X
<Type> Ship Data Interface : 1<br>
Datacore - Mechanical Engineering : X<br>
Datacore - Minmatar Starship Engineering : X
==Ship's Card Game Version==
Ship type : X<br>
Assembly : X<br>
Cost : X<br>
Power : X<br>
Shields : X

Special Abilities

Command Abilities
==See also==
<!-- Comment:  in the above line, replace 
   630                 - with the ship ID used by eve-online's database
   Cruisers/Minmatar   - with the class/faction in the eve-online URL to this ship
   Bellicose           - with the ship's name.
... and you can remove this comment.   -->
The {{PAGENAME}} in card-form []

{{Core Ships}}
[[Category:Ships]] and whatever others are in use

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