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Smuggler Interception (Level 3 Agent Mission Against Serpentis)

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Smuggler Interception
Mission Level 3
Mission Genre Combat - Kill
Mission Type Normal
Enemies: Serpentis
Steps: 1

Mission Briefing

A convoy of smugglers was spotted in a nearby system, apparently en route straight through System. We're pretty sure they have a stash of illegal goods on board, and we'd like you to intercept them once they make the jump into System. If they put up a struggle then you have our permission to take them out, just make sure you grab all of the goods of interest, which will most likely be located inside secure crates, on board their ships and bring it back to us. We'll sift through the loot and confiscate the contraband. I'll upload a bookmark into your NeoCom once they're out of warp, Player, that should lead you directly to them.

Bring Item Objective

Acquire these goods:

Kill Objective

Destroy these targets:

Mission Tactics

This is a very straightforward mission. Go to the system which the targets are in, and warp in at a decent range. Start at the top of the list and work your way down. Not very hard. When those are all destroyed, the four haulers will not even break your passive shield recharge, so just have fun with them.

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