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Stackless I/O

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EVE online's blog post

Blog posting

For the past two years we have been developing new technology, called StacklessIO, to increase the performance of our network communication infrastructure in EVE. This new network layer reduces network latency and improves performance in high-volume situations, e.g., in fleet-fights and market hubs such as Jita.

On 16 September we successfully deployed StacklessIO to Tranquility. We noticed an astounding, yet expected, measurable difference.

Normally Jita reaches a maximum of about 800-900 pilots on Sundays. On the Friday following the deployment of StacklessIO there were close to 1,000 concurrent pilots in Jita and on Saturday the maximum number reached 1,400. This is more than have ever been in Jita at the same time. Jita could become rather unresponsive at 800-900 pilots but on Sunday it was quite playable and very responsive with 800 pilots. It should continue to be snappier and more responsive in the future.


This appears to be related to the [ stackless] Python the EVE client uses.

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