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Stacmon (0.6)
Region: Placid
Constellation: Fislipesnes
Sovereignty: Gallente Federation
Sun Sun MO (Orange radiant)
Planets: 10
Moons: 68
Belts: 10
Stations: 7
Stargates: 5

Stacmon is a high Security system on the edge of nearby low security space. As such, this system and the neighbouring system Slays make an excellent place for those wishing to move into low security space or as a nearby base for those already in low-sec space. Stacmon also has a variety of level I-IV agents.


Connected Systems

Mining Prospects

For mining, Stacmon has 10 belts.

Known ore includes Veldspar, Plagioclase, Scordite and Omber, as well as their variants.

At one time, many new pilots have decided to try to attack miners in Stacmon, often whilst in rookie ships, resulting in there being quite a few new pilots flying around the system in their pods.


  • Stacmon V - Impro Factory
  • Stacmon VII - Moon 1 - Impro Factory
    • Services: Refining (30%), Cloning, Repair, Factory, Research
    • Achoghu Choosha

The Star System

The Star

The Star of Stacmon is a Main Sequence Star with a radius of 292,000km, a luminosity of 0.01584 and a temperature of 3013 K. It's spectral class is MO.


(As of 14th Sep 2007)

Stacmon III (1 moon)

Stacmon IV (2 moons)

Stacmon V (14 moons)

  • Stacmon V - Moon 1

Freelance Co-Operative Corp POS

  • Stacmon V - Moon 2

Respro Karlin Inc Corp POS

  • Stacmon V - Moon 4

Wasteland Paladins Corp POS

  • Stacmon V - Moon 9

Aquariusart Corp POS

  • Stacmon V - Moon 10

Aquariusart Corp POS

  • Stacmon V - Moon 11

Aquariusart Corp POS

Stacmon VI (9 moons)

Stacmon VII (15 moons)

Stacmon VIII (22 moons)

  • Stacmon VIII - Moon 7

NJ Corp Corp POS

Stacmon IX (4 moons)

  • Stacmon IX - Moon 2

Die Hard Inc Corp POS

Stacmon X (1 moon)

  • Stacmon X - Moon 1

The Qing Dynasty Corp POS

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