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Stain Empire

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About Stain Empire

Long Name: Stain Empire
Short Form: SE
Description: The Stain Empire is the oldest alliance in the game being founded on day one of release. A military powerhouse controlling mostly NPC stations they have been waging a perpetual war against the Curse Alliance for a very long time. Currently controlling Stain and Esoteria
EVE Info Page:
Contacts: Shifu


Traditional Regions Controlled: Stain
Current Regions Controlled: Stain
Form of Government: Military Despotism
Traditional Allies: Dusk and Dawn
Traditional Enemies: Stain Alliance
Piracy: No pirates / NBSI at 0.0
Corporations of Note: Xenobytes


Stations: NPC
Ores: Commons
Manufacturing: Weak


Military: The Stain Empire has a powerful military that is large and well funded. Competent leadership and numbers have lead them to victory on many occasions. Most of their PVPers gained experience during their long war with the Curse Alliance.


History: In September 2005, internal conflicts led to a split-off of several guilds that formed an alliances under the name Stain Alliance, Tribal Souls, Prime Orbital System

Stain Empire now have control over most Stain region.

Forum Discussions of Note

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Editor's Note: SE was formerly known as Stain Alliance.

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