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Stealth Bombers

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Specifically engineered to fire torpedoes, stealth bombers represent the next generation in covert ops craft. The bombers are designed for sneak attacks on large vessels with powerful missile guidance technology enabling the torpedoes to strike faster and from a longer distance. They are advanced Covert Ops ships that can fire siege missile launchers and use torpedoes. As only available ship type they can also use bombs. The Stealth Bomber class also unique in that is the only ship type without a targeting delay after decloaking.

Stealth Bombers are basically designed for an anti-battleship role. They can easily fit Covert Ops Cloaking Devices (high slot module). In spite of their bonuses for offense, a stealth bomber has almost no defensive ability and is usually described as a "glass cannon", beinig slower and even having slightly less hitpoints than the T1 class frigates they're derived from. Therefore their use is limited to places where sentry guns are not located if they want to strike first. Of course, as part of a fleet they can get into action after the first hits or when protecting mining vessels against attacks or thieves.


Role Bonus

Note that although the powergrid needs for Siege Launchers is largely lowered, this is not the case for CPU usage.
These launchers have a CPU requirement ranging between 64 and 106 tf. A bomb launcher uses 50 tf.

Covert Ops Skill Bonus
  • 5% bonus to bomb damage
  • 15% bonus to faction Torpedo damage per level (see table)

Frigate Bonus (Frigate V required so maximum bonus always applicable)

  • 50% bonus to torpedo explosion velocity
  • 50% bonus to torpedo flight time
  • 100% bonus to torpedo velocity

Effectively this lifts the range of torpedoes from 9 km to 27 km (3000m/s for 9 secs) before skill and range enhancements.
With maxed out skills the effective range will be close to 60 km.

Covert Ops Stealth Bombers

Name Faction Low Slots Mid Slots High Slots T / L Powergrid CPU Capacitor Cargo Faction damage Velocity Target Range
Tech II Purifier Amarr 3 3 5 2/3 45 MW 298 tf 313 GJ 260 m3 EM 262 m/s 60 km
Manticore Caldari 2 4 5 2/3 38 MW 328 tf 269 GJ 185 m3 Kinetic 256 m/s 70 km
Nemesis Gallente 2 4 5 2/3 38 MW 307 tf 294 GJ 215 m3 Thermal 264 m/s 65 km
Hound Minmatar 3 3 5 2/3 40 MW 303 tf 250 GJ 195 m3 Explosive 284 m/s 55 km

There's not much difference between the faction's bombers; the only significant one is that the Caldari and Gallente have a 2/4/5 setup while the Amarr and Minmatar a 3/3/5. The Manticore though has a slight advantage what CPU is concerned but is also the slowest.
Also note that the Amarr and Gallente have better bonus damage versus shields (EM, Thermal) while Caldari and Minmatar are better equiped against armor tanks (Kinetic, Explosive).

Solo Bombers

When used solo or in pairs, this ship is usually deployed in asteroid belts, outside space stations or near stargates (in 0.0 space), places with a large circulation of ships available to be ambushed away from sentry guns in low security space. Usually the 3/3/5 versions are prefered for solo setups. Stealth Bombers fitted to solo Battleships and Battlecruisers typically fit a Warp Disruptor and a very good Afterburner and extra speed boosts or alternatively a Microwarpdrive (MWD) - to outrun large and most medium drones. Small and fast medium drones are the bane of speed boosted Stealth Bombers and pilots flying these are very cautious when engaging ships equiped with large drone bays.


Speed and agility can be further enhanced by rigs; implants and overheating the modules can enhance the speed even further. See for a detailed overview here.

Speed Comparison

Covert Ops
Amarr Caldari Gallente Minmatar
Anathema Buzzard Helios Cheetah
Purifier Manticore Nemesis Hound
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