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Survey scanner

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Survey scanners are active mid slot modules used to assay asteroids for their mineable minerals.

This allows the operator to avoid completely 'mining out' a given asteroid.

(It has been reported that the quantities of ore available are fairly constant, and that mining in one location will cause ore to be replenished in other areas. As there have been reports of entire systems being denuded of asteroids, the ore can evidently be replenished in nearby systems. The range of this has not been determined.)


Survey Scanner family
Group Name Meta CPU Range Duration
Tech I Survey Scanner I 0 5 tf 15km 5.00 sec
Rock-Scanning Sensor Array I 1 4 tf 15km 4.75 sec
Residual Survey Scanner I 2 4 tf 16km 4.50 sec
ML-3 Amphilotite Mining Probe 3 4 tf 17km 4.25 sec
'Dactyl' Type-E Asteroid Analyzer 4 4 tf 18km 4.00 sec
Tech II Survey Scanner II 5 6 tf 22km 4.00 sec

All survey scanners require 5 Energy per activation except the Tech II variety.

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