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Sovereignty Lawless
Average Security Level 0.0
Neighboring Regions Placid, Outer Ring, Solitude, Verge Vendor, Cloud Ring

Syndicate is a lawless (0.0) region on the NW part of EVE, ajoining the Empire Region Placid.

Several constellations are cut off from the main part of the region by Outer Ring, and several others form pockets.



Accessed through the chokepoint in PF-346, Syndicate is one of the very few 0.0 regions in EVE that is usually not claimed in its entirety. One notable inhabitant is the pirate group Tundragons.

As of October 2008, no systems in this region are under the sovereignty of any alliance.


December 2008 - July 2009 Lower Syndicate is comprised of the JQV constellation and the MK7-AO constellation. JQV is currently occupied by the alliances SCALE and EoS, and MK7-AO by Clockwork Pineapple. Upon entering Syndicate in the spring of 2009, Empire of Serenity was at war with Clockwork Pineapple. Because of the fantastic profitability from mining and ratting in JQV there grew tensions between Clockwork Pineapple and SCALE - and the rights to access these profits, causing a war between the two previous NAP alliances.

The constellation Y4Y7-Q is controlled by the powerhouse alliance of HUZZAH. Their they hold their own Titan and maintain an ability to place a powerful fleet throughout the region. HUZZAH fleets can be seen fighting both SCALE, EoS, and CP.

Upper Syndicate constellations remain controlled by many other pirate corporations and alliances. Their contact with lower Syndicate corporations is minimal.

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