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The Assault (Level 4 Agent Mission)

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The Assault
Mission Level 4
Mission Genre Combat - Kill
Mission Type Deadspace
Enemies: Serpentis
Steps: 3


Mission Description

We are under attack! A fleet of Gurista Pirates just came out of warp near here and started to pulverize our defense drones. They are using some sort of scrambling device to deactivate our sentry guns as well. We request that you gather a group of battle-hardened pilots and take them on. If you don't then I'm afraid we'll have to negotiate our way out of this or keep our fingers crossed that backup arrives in time.

Mission Objectives

Kill everything...

Mission Tactics

Coreli Guardian can scramble, kill them first. Other ships are really easy to kill. You can pull the groups one by one easily.

Hostile Force

Group 1

Group 2

Nullifiers also present here, they can scramble.

Group 3

Structures with Loot


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