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The Heir's Favorite Slave (L1)

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The Heir's Favorite Slave (L1)
Mission Type: Storyline
Agent Type: Storyline
Offering Faction: Minmatar
Mission Level: 1
Mission Space: deadspace

Combat Mission

Mission Lead-in

I'm not entirely sure you're ready for an important task like this, but time is of the essence. This may be the most important mission you have ever undertaken.
A slave named Jaliti has escaped from the house of the one of the five heirs to the Imperial Throne. We don't know why or how, but she has commandeered a luxury transport and is still on the run. The Heir in question, who will of course remain anonymous, demands her return, for he greatly enjoys her beauty and company. She is also privy to a great number of personal secrets that could cause great embarrassment to the Heir, and perhaps even to the Imperial Court.
We intercepted a transmission indicating she intends to meet a contact in the {System Name} system. We don't know whom she will meet, but you must stop here and bring her back, any way you can. Alive, if possible, but dead, if necessary. I'm sure if you're successful, the rewards will be substantial. We are dealing with an Heir, after all.

Mission Briefing

The ship Jaliti commandeered is known to be well-armed. You might need a battle-ready frigate to bring her back.

Overview and Objectives

The following objective must be completed to finish the mission:


Acquire these goods: one unit of Slaves (5.0 m³)
  • Location: nearby system


The following rewards and bonuses will be yours if you complete this mission:
  • 173-189k isk (depending on your social training)
  • Time Bonus: 159-163k isk if within 6 hours

Standing changes

Mission Note:

Amarrian Society
Most of the difficult labor in the Empire is performed by legions of uneducated slaves, who serve at the beck and call of those who are both clearly and naturally above their station. From conquered races to hereditary servants, Amarrian slaves are diverse and numerous, and they spend their entire lives working toward enlightenment under the guidance of their rightful masters.

Encounter notes

This site contains special ship restrictions, allowing only Destroyers, Frigates, or Rookie Ships.
At the Acceleration Gate you will encounter 2x Republic Baldur, 2x Republic Takan and 2x Republic Kvarm The Baldur and Takan will aggro onto you, the Kvarm will not until you are about 45 km from them (and they start about 75 km away). After killing the 4 that aggro, 3x Republic Gleeda and 2x Republic Otur will appear. They will aggro as well. If you go and kill the Kvarm, 2x Republic Radur and 3x Republic Skani will attack.
After the gate you will first receive a message from Kilm Redstock informing you that you can't have his “beloved” back. You will then encounter Kilm himself. After engaging Kilm, 4x Republic Kvarm and 1x Republic Tribal Gleeda come to his aide. Once Kilm is killed, 4x Republic Tribal Baldur and 1x Republic Tribal Takan will appear. The last one killed will drop the Cargo Container with your slave.


The Republic enemies will contain Republic Fleet dogtags.

Mission Followup

Splendid! In custody. Splendid! The Heir will be pleased.
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