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The Mordus Headhunters

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The Mordus Headhunters
Mission Type: Normal
Agent Type: Normal
Offering Faction: varies
Mission Level: varies
Objective 1: Kill
Enemy 1: Mordu's Legion Command

The Mordus Headhunters is a mission that (with slight variation) is known to be given by agents of levels 1, 3, and 4.

In all cases, you will be facing Mordu's Legion forces, which have terrific shield tanking abilities, but not great amounts of armor or hull. This is reflected in the mission rewards. It may be advisable to bring a friend along, or use a larger ship than normally required for this level of agent.

Mission Briefing (Paraphrased)

A Mordu's Legion assassination squad has been spotted, and the agent would like you to take them out, either as a general precaution (levels 1 and 3) or (at level 4) because the corporation doesn't want to ruin their reputation with the Legion.

Encounter Notes

You face several waves of foes, based not upon a trigger, but upon a timer. If you are unable to take out the enemy fast enough, you will swiftly be swamped. The mission rewards reflect the difficulty of this mission.


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