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Tractor Beam

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You can use this to draw wrecks and cargo to you, saving you the pain of having to fly to each one.

There are a few conditions with the Tractor Beam. To use the beam the wreck or cargo container must either be yours, from a member of your gang or deployed and unanchored from your corporation. If you are in a gang with someone and they kill two ships, then leave, you will be unable to tractor those wrecks. You can however fly to them and salvage/take them normally, but this could involve hostility flags.

Has a 20km range. The brand new Rorqual Capital Industrial can equip a Capital Tractor that has a 200km range. Ships with bonuses:

  • Marauder class of battleship receives a 100% bonus to the range and velocity of the tractor beams. Effectively this makes the range 40km, and the speed 1,000 m/s.
  • Noctis - 60% bonus to Tractor Beam range and velocity per level. 5% bonus to Tractor Beam and Salvager cycle time per level.
  • Orca - mining capital ship : 250% bonus to Tractor Beam range , 100% bonus to Tractor Beam velocity

Takes a high-slot.


Name Tractor Velocity Optimal Range Activation Duration Activation Cost Powergrid Usage CPU Usage
Tech I Small Tractor Beam I 500 m/sec 20 km 5 sec 5 Energy 7 MW 20 tf
Capital Tractor Beam I* 3000 m/sec 200 km 20 sec 200 Energy 75000 MW 100 tf

* Can only be fitted on the Rorqual ORE Capital Ship.

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