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Runia [Female]
Race Gallente
Bloodline Gallente
Ancestry Immigrants
Date of Birth 2005.02.11 21:00:00
Security Status 1.04
Skill Points 27M
Clone Enough
School University of Caille
Career Business
Specialization Entrepreneur
Corporation Azure Horizon
Races · User · Players · Factions


Nothing new.


Not so new on EVE Wiki, my first aim is to help with Gallente ship pages and stuff :P Then who knows where I will edit!?!?!? (yeah I'm just that crazy :P)

In game I'm Runia (no surprises there) of Azure Horizon :) General Carebear, miner, looter, npc pirateer, trader, smuggler and proud owner of Black Market Trading skill :P


  • Tidy up AzHz page
  • Get image of Anathema with new magnate hull.

Image Credits

I am now collecting and adding pics of ships from Trinity!!! Some of these pictures I've taken myself, but many of them are/will be from:

Current EVEwiki Projects

  • Adding Skills that have been missed out.
  • Adding good quality pictures of all ships (but primarily Gallente ships).
  • Standardising info on all ships (but primarily Gallente Ships).
  • Standardising all skillbooks.
  • Tiding up things using the Special Pages as a guide of what to do.

Major Page Edits


Almost all Gallente ships
Several other race ships


A lot.


Jet Can

Pages Created


Antimatter Charge S, Blaze M, Desolation M


Materials For War Preparation (1/1), Whispers in the Dark - First Contact (1/4)(Sansha's Nation)


Apocalypse Imperial Issue, Arazu, Deimos, Gold Magnate, Iteron Mark IV, Lachesis, Phobos


A lot.


Template:Social Skill Tree, Template:Trade Skill Tree


Azure Horizon Corporation, Astronomical unit, DED, Guide:Attacking Convoys, Placid, Ric, Stacmon, Unused Items

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