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When I was a child, I was obsessed with space. In elementary school, I'd spend my library time reading books with titles like "The Moon" or "Space for Kids." It wasn't so much that I planned to be an astronaut (poor eyesight and math incompetency quickly blocked this ambition) but that I wanted to know what was out there, among the stars and moons and planets. "It can't," I reasoned as a very precocious second-grader, "be empty."

Unfortunately, I never did make it to space. I haven't walked on the moon, flown a starship, or engaged in a series of humiliating and challenging physical conditioning challenges (oh, The Right Stuff, how I love thee). What I did do, however, was discover EVE Online.

It's sort of the next best thing. And here's why.I'm the kind of person who will spend hours doing something incredibly stupid in a video game for my own personal satisfaction. For instance, when I first played World of Warcraft, I ventured deep into Horde territory (I was Alliance at the time; please don't judge me) just to see what it looked like. At level 10. It was a dumb thing to do, and I was awake until the sun came up, but I had a great time dancing at the gates of Orgrimmar.

"EVE Online has over 7,500 star systems. That means there's always something new to see."

EVE Online offers me many opportunities to engage this sense of curiosity and my love for "horizon gaming," which is my term for playing just to see what comes next. Scanning down wormholes, visiting the EVE Gate and venturing from system to system for no reason beyond experiencing the joy of discovery is something that appeals to the primal, space-obsessed humanoid I am underneath the nerdy guy with glasses and cowboy boots.

EVE Online has over 7,500 star systems. That means there's always something new to see.

Software ERP Indonesia

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