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Ushra'Khan [UNITY]
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Executor Corporation Freelance Unincorporated
Founding Corporation Amarr Will Eat Itself
Founder Adrielle Firewalker
Settled Systems K0CN-3
Member Corporations 18
Member Total 638
Date Created 2004.11.25
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The Ushra'Khan are a group of people dedicated to one purpose, the freedom of their people, an end to slavery and the war. For decades they have fought in every corner of the galaxy where slavery was found. They have battled throughout history with odds stacked against them after peace was declared and the outcry at their kin still enslaved they continue to this day to bring their people home and give the greatest gift possible, life back to the people who had it stolen from them.

Forever the people who fought for freedom have been seen and belittled as terrorists, a plague on the peace process and radicals. Condoned by the Republic, their support from the Tribal Council has waned over the decades as numerous reforms by the Republic combined with numerous propaganda and enforced teachings have helped turn public opinion against them, yet in many circles, they receive honour and respect still from those who remember their sacrifices and courage each passing day.

The Ushra'Khan came to be born from the prophecy foretold by the Voushoud as what was left of the freedom fighters gathered in this new age to renew their vows and as one seek the freedom of their people together.

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