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Yulai (1.0)
Region: Genesis
Constellation: Sanctum
Sovereignty: CONCORD Assembly
Sun Sun B0 (Blue)
Planets: 11
Moons: 59
Belts: 10
Stations: 6
Stargates: 3

Yulai is a high Security Hub System, which was home to the headquarters of CONCORD. The CONCORD Bureau was situated at Yulai IX, but now lies in ruins following a massive attack by a Minmatar-Thukker armada which attacked on the dawn of the Empyrean Age. Nearby the ruins of the CONCORD Bureau lie the Yulai Graveyards, a graveyard of many capital ships which were destroyed in the attack on the station.

The ruins of the CONCORD Bureau at Yulai IX, with the Yulai Graveyards in the background


Mining Prospects

Yulai has 10 belts, all of which only contain Veldspar and its variants.

Connected Systems

Notable locations


There is some question if these stations are still standing.

  • Yulai VIII - Moon 10 - CONCORD Logistic Support
  • Yulai VIII - Moon 12 - DED Logistic Support
  • Yulai X - DED Assembly Plant

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